Copywriting and content marketing that help you say what you mean.

Traditional Businesses

No matter how long you've been in business, you understand a simple truth: even a perfect product doesn't sell itself.

As the world grows, your market becomes more crowded by the minute. The real threat isn't a company with a better product, but one better able to connect with your customers.

The real threat is a company that spends more time and energy proving how well they understand your customers, the problems they face, and the solutions available.

Don't make your copy an afterthought. Every word on your website, your ads, your packaging, are interactions that your customers associate with you.


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Digital Businesses

It can feel impossible to be heard in the digital marketplace. Even without an astronomical advertising budget, there are profitable ways to get your words working for you.

The first is providing useful content. Your customers know the difference between information, advertising and spam. So does Google. If your web pages, blog posts, or email newsletters are excuses to use keywords, they'll read that way. Helpful, well-written content is rewarded by customers and algorithms

The second is search engine optimization. Your communications professional needs to use digital analytics tools to target the right audienceunderstand their online behaviour, and format your content to be understood by machines as well as people.


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Writing & Content

Words and visuals that inform, inspire, and drive growth.

Blog Posts & Articles: from $0.20/word

Social Media Content: from $0.20/word

Website Copy: from $0.30/word

Print Collateral: from $0.30/word

Technical Writing: from $0.40/word

News & Press: from $0.45/word

Speechwriting: from $0.50/word

Final rates are set on a per-project basis,

reflecting the time and effort required to properly execute your vision.

Preferred rates may be available for non-profits, community organizations, and select small businesses.


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